Circulating Supply Systems

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Our circulating supply systems provide a stable supply
of paint to coating lines while preventing sedimentation
via continuous paint circulation in the pipeline that
connects the mixing room to the coating line. We are
proud to be recognized as specialist in Japan, and we
can boast many achievements in circulation supply
We design equipment especially for oil-based paint,
water-based paint and powder paint, and auxiliary
facilities meeting coating line requirements.

Basic System

Two-pipe System

This is a system that circulates paint until it reaches the gun in order to reduce sedimentation. Paint that was not discharged is returned to the tank through the pipe.
The system reduces sedimentation and separation, ensuring unified paint quality for a full selection of color and viscosity.
Two-pipe System/Outline

Dead-end System

This is a system in which paint is sent out from the mixing room and discharged from the gun without being looped. Not incorporating a loop into the main pipe saves on initial costs. Dead-end System/Outline

Looped Dead-end System

This is a system that positions the gun in a ramified manner at the main pipe that circulates the paint. Spray pressure is controlled at each exit to unify the coating film. This is the most common type of circulating supply systems and it features a relatively low cost structure. Looped Dead-end System/Outline

Third Line System

This is a system that circulates the paint to the tip of the gun. A separate flow path to collect paint from the gun is set up on the main line, which makes the entire pipe facility longer than others. There is no need to determine the pipe size at initial installation and it is easy to add the gun at a later time. Third Line System/Outline

Mono Flow System

This is a system with mono-flow that controls the flow rate by different pressures installed at the connection point of main pipe and spray guns. The flow of the paint to the guns is controlled to maintain unified coating quality. Mono Flow System/Outline

Product Samples

We offer air, hydraulic and motor pumps to suit purpose of use. Other equipment includes paint tanks, liquid-level controllers, pulsation controllers, surge tanks and paint pressure regulators. We also design units combining these products.

Circulating Supply pump Oil-driven Pump Electric plunger pump
Circulating Supply pump Hydraulic Pump Electric plunger pump
Drum elevator unit / Paint tank Paint filter unit
Drum elevator unit / Paint tank Paint filter unit
Supply section module Motor level sensor
Supply section module Motor level sensor

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