Two-component Dispensing Systems

Stable supply of high-precision mixed material at a fixed ratio

This is a system to supply mixed fluid, such as main and hardening agents for finishing coats discharged from the gun. It is able to supply high-precision mixed material according at a fixed ratio. Other than the electronic paint mixing device installed on the line, we also have pumps that can pump and mix materials at the same time.

Basic System

This is a device that mixes two fluids in the line from pump to gun. Fluids are mixed at a specified ratio and supplied to the gun. A high-precision electronic mixing device is available for large-capacity paint plant lines. We also have a full line-up of automatic color changing mixing devices that enable washing and changing colors without removal from the booth. Two-component Dispensing Systems/Outline
For Finishing Coat Electronic two-component metering system
For Finishing Coat Electronic two-component metering system (from left to right)
Three-component electronic metering ratio proportioner / Automatic color changer and mixer system / electronic metering mix system

Product Samples

In addition to our electronic two-component meters, which include our three-component, two-component metering proportioners and automatic color changer and mixers, we have a wide range of products, including discharge pumps with mixing functions, impingement mix spray proportionaer for two-component foam polyurethane and polyurea, and servo booster pumps for two-component sealing material.

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