Metering Systems

Material output controlBoasting great success in continuous supply for food and chemical production

Metering systems control the output of materials at a constant level for continuous supply. These systems are used for fixed quantity packing of liquid and viscous body in food production and continuous supply of oil and grease in the chemical industry. We have piston type pumps, air-driven double diaphragm pumps, spray guns with meter functions for medium and high viscosity material to choose from.

Basic System

The system continuously supplies material at a fixed volume utilizing a measuring apparatus installed between discharges, such as at pump and gun. There are also preset oil guns and light-weight electronic grease guns that enable flow control at hand. Metering Systems/Outline

Product Samples

We have a full line-up of highly reliable process devices by GRACO, such as piston pumps and air-driven double diaphragm pumps from the Husky series. We also offer feeders and maintenance equipment that deliver outstanding cost performance.

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