High Viscosity Material Systems

Smooth transportation of hot-melt and extremely high viscosity materials such as grease and putty

High viscosity material systems combine high viscosity material devices, temperature control systems that manage viscosity with temperature control, and constant flow systems that control flow rate. These systems enable the smooth transport of ultrahigh viscosity materials such as grease and putty, and hot-melt materials. Diverse types of coating guns are available for different purposes. Roll coaters enable unified and wide-area coating of hot-melt materials.

Basic System

This is a system to circulate paint until it reaches the coating gun in order to minimize sedimentation. A recovery line that flushes out paint is installed separately from the main line that returns the paint, which is transported and circulated in a two-pipe structure. The system reduces sedimentation and separation resulting in uniform color and viscosity. High viscosity material supply system/Outline
Pressure feeder for metallic drum Dispersion methods (from left)Bead / Streaming / Shower / Spray / Swirl
Pressure feeder for metallic drum Dispersion methods (from left)
Bead / Streaming / Shower / Spray / Swirl

Product Samples

We offer pumps for steel and pail drums, as will as transportable pumps. IEC also has an extensive array of spray guns for coating wide areas. For hot-melt material, we offer tank types that feature in-tank melting, and bulk types that melt directly and pump from steel or pail drums.
We offer a diverse selection of coating methods, including bead, spiral, and fiber coatings, and roll coaters to meet your needs.

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