Flow Control Systems

Our high grade technology enables a unified flow of difficult-to-manage high viscosity materials

The stable supply of materials is essential in the mass production of unified quality products. Flow control systems stabilize quality by maintaining flow at a constant level. IEC offers products for hard-to-manage high viscosity materials with advanced technology. Electronic control devices and gear pumps are incorporated into the systems to meet customer requirements.

Basic methods

Flow Feedback Method

This is a method that utilizes electronic control flow measurement system. The flow meter samples flow value and compares it with a fixed value. A correction signal is then sent to a flow adjustment regulator that automatically adjusts the flow. This method is suitable for use in combination with temperature control systems. Flow Feedback Method/Outline

Gear Pump Method

This is the method that utilizes a servomotor gear pump installed between the pump and coating gun to control flow. This method ensures a continuous flow with the advantage of greater control. IEC offers this as an assembly system combining the gear pump with other equipments according to the requirements of use. Gear Pump Method/Outline

Booster Pump Method

This is a method that utilizes a servomotor booster pump installed between the pump and coating gun. Although successive discharge is not possible, it has the advantage of it not being affected by changes in pressure on the primary side. A wide variety of cylinder volume and discharge pressure booster pumps are available, from compact to larger servo booster pumps for spray type vibration reduction materials and window sealers. Booster Pump Method/Outline

Auxiliary Facility

Swirl System

Swirl systems (swivel-type coating equipment) allow a wider coating area with a small volume of material. The nozzle rotates at a high speed in a swirl state resulting in efficient coating operation. Backdoor hemming sealer automatic coating system

Backdoor hemming sealer automatic coating system

Precision Swirl System
Precision Swirl System

Product Samples

Starting with advanced flow meters and electronic control devices, we respond to customer requests using our full product line-ups, including gear pumps, 40cc~1,000cc compact booster pumps and larger booster pumps exceeding 1,000cc.

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