Temperature Control Systems

Viscosity is controlled by temperature adjustment appropriate to the type of fluid and installation environment for unified quality

This is a system that maintains fluid viscosity at a fixed level by temperature control. Temperature control devices, such as heaters, ensure the uniformity of fluid volume and coating pattern for a fixed quality finish. Several types of temperature control are possible, including the use of warm water or a heated plate, and the best possible method can be selected according to the type of fluid and installation conditions. This system is often used in combination with circulating supply systems and high viscosity material systems.

Basic Methods

Double pipe (Inline) heat exchange method

Double walled pipe enables the warming of the fluid flowing in the inner pipe with warm water. Temperature is maintained at a constant level using a temperature controller to control the viscosity of the fluid. The method features outstanding heat exchange effectiveness and resistance to pulsation. The system can be installed near the paint booth and requires no maintenance because coating film will not build up. Double pipe (Inline) heat exchange method/Outline
Double pipe (Inline) heat exchange method

Inline plate heat exchange method

This is a method to maintain temperature by transporting fluid between plates that are heated with temperature controlled water. Using multiple plates enables heat transmission over wider area to effectively warm the fluid. This is the most efficient heat transfer system that can be installed near the paint booth. There is no problem with coating film build up. Inline plate heat exchange method/Outline

Jacket Tank Method

This is a method to directly control the temperature of the fluid tank. Warm water is circulated at the outer surface of the tank to warm the fluid. This has the lowest cost of all methods. Jacket Tank Method/Outline

Product Samples

There are temperature control units utilizing various methods. Other equipments include high pressure and explosion-proof line heaters that are installed between material transport routes, and electric heater hoses and gun heaters with built-in sensors.

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