Adopted the ISO Management System to implement measures for environmental preservation through in-company operations

We implement company-wide effort for improving each staff's mind to be environmentally aware, and reduce the load of environment by their daily operation. In 2009, IEC Head quarter, Nagoya Office, Toyota Office have obtained ISO14001 by setting our environmental course which is the basis of action plan. We have been keep improving our daily operation and it's management in continuous basis.


Ecological system

Variety of equipments and facilities with high efficiency and available,while complying to the CO2, VOC regulations.

In consideration of the environment, carefully designed process structures are required for coating lines, which are subject to VOC control (volatile organic compound) and all other systems that we handle. At IEC, we are aware of the social responsibility that goes with our business and we have been actively moving forward with measures to reduce our environment load. We take steps to ensure that we comply with laws and regulations, while making diverse proposals for energy-saving systems that will also lead to cost reduction.

Coating System

Water-based Paint Equipments

Equipment for water-based paints does not require organic
solvents. Water-based paint can be diluted with water,
and it has very little effect on the environment while
providing outstanding coating quality with smooth
and clear finish.
IEC makes proposals for the most advanced facilities
and technology that respond to the features and problems
of water-based paints, such as corrosion prevention
and viscosity control.

Water-based Paint Equipments

Powder-based Paint Equipments

This equipment is for powder-based paint coating.
Powder-based paints do not require organic solvents;
therefore, over-sprayed paint can be recovered and reused.
It is a system that minimizes risk to the environment
and reduces material loss. It also does not require
high coating skill, making it easy to maintain a stable
supply and high-quality finish.

Powder-based Paint Equipments

Transport Systems

Electric Pumps

Unlike hydraulic or air-driven pumps, power is transmitted
directly to electrically operated pumps for improved
energy efficiency. It significantly lowers energy
consumption and contributes to CO2 reduction.

Electric Pumps


Power and environmental improvement system, odor treatment facility, solvent recovery system, waste solution recovery system, thinner regeneration system, and more

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