Product list

Paint Equipment

We handle a wide range of products to meet the requirements of diverse production lines in small and large factories. We handle GRACO air powered equipment because of its high performance and reliability, and electrostatic equipment from RANSBURG, which holds the top share in the market, to enhance coating efficiency. We have different types of circulation pumps, including electric, oil pressure and air-driven equipments, and we make suggestions that best meet the customer’s purpose.

Product Line-up

Airless Pumps / Washers

Falcon 20:1 Compact Airless Pump Package Xtreme Airless Sprayer Premier 45:1 & 74:1 Air-powered Airless Sprayer
Orion Bellows Pump GMAX II Gas-powered Airless Sprayer 150PRX Pressure Roller / Airless Sprayer & Even Flow Pressure Roller
G-FORCE High Pressure Washer Line Laser III Field Striper

Spray Guns and Accessories

Silver Plus Gun Airless Spray Gun 180°Swivel Gun Head
RAC X Rotating Tips Pole Gun

Electrostatic Spray Guns / Powder Coaters, DeVilbiss Spray Guns

PRO XS Electrostatic Hand Gun / Automatic Electrostatic Gun Air Pro Spray Gun Air Wrap Electrostatic Hand Gun
Hand Bell Spray Gun REA Automatic Electrostatic Gun Powder Coating Gun / Powder Coating System
Powder Coater LVMP MSA Spray Gun

Paint Circulation Pumps

Husky Diaphragm Pump Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Drum Can Supply Unit
Paint Supply Circulation Pump Oil-driven Pump Electric Plunger Pump

Other Equipments

Paint Booth Interior of the paint booth Pulsation Controller (Equipment) Surge Tank
Line Filter

Main Products

  • Paint Equipment
  • Equipment for high viscosity fluids
  • Flow Control System Devices
  • Metering Devices
  • Temperature Control Equipment
  • Two-component Dispensing Equipment
  • Assembly System / Original Products
  • Environment-responsive Products and Systems
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