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Two-component Dispensing Equipment

IEC has a wide selection of GRACO plural component proportioners. We design the most appropriate systems with equipments that are best suited for the purpose. Our selection includes an electronic two-component metering system for finishing coat, a two-component metering dispenser for heavy duty coating and high viscosity material, a impingement mix spray proportionaer for fluid polyurethane foam and polyurea, and a servo booster pump for two-component sealing material.

Product Line-up

Plural component proportioner

Plural component proportioner

Equipments for Heavy Duty Coating and High Viscosity Materials

Two component metering and mixing high pressure spray Xtreme Mix 290, 360, 440, 550 Hydra-Cat
1:1 Extruder

impingement mix spray proportionaer
for Two-component Polyurethane Foam and Polyurea

Reactor Impingement Mix Spray Fusion Gun

Servo Booster Pump for Two-component Sealing Material

100cc X 2 Two-component Booster Pump

Main Products

  • Paint Equipment
  • Equipment for high viscosity fluids
  • Flow Control System Devices
  • Metering Devices
  • Temperature Control Equipment
  • Two-component Dispensing Equipment
  • Assembly System / Original Products
  • Environment-responsive Products and Systems
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