Product list

Equipment for high viscosity fluids

IEC distributes pumps and guns that smoothly transport and supply fluids of various viscosities, from grease to putty. We have a variety of pumps and guns for hot-melt materials to meet diverse coating requirements. We propose structures combining flow control and temperature control systems.

Product Line-up

High Viscosity Pumps

For steel drums For pail drums With ram cart

Equipments for High Viscosity Fluids and Coating Guns

Rotary Spray Gun with 3Way Nozzle Rotary Joint for high viscosity material Flow Gun for dispensing
Ambient Snuff Back Extrusion Valve High Pressure Regulator Temperature Control Snuff Back Automatic Gun
Suck Back Auto Gun with Head Swivel Trigger-less Hand Gun High Pressure Piston Valve Scraping Seal Spec
Continuous Flow Valve Manual and automatic types

Pumps, Guns and Systems for Hot-Melt Materials

Bulk-type Therm-O-Flow Drum Pump Mega Flow Hand Gun for Beat and Swirl with temperature controller
DMU-03 Automatic Gun for Beat and Slot Die 100VAC Hot Melt Applicator for PUR Automatic Fiber Coating Gun
Curtain Spray Head Hot Melt Roll Coater Combination of 6-axis Robot and Automatic Spiral Gun

Main Products

  • Paint Equipment
  • Equipment for high viscosity fluids
  • Flow Control System Devices
  • Metering Devices
  • Temperature Control Equipment
  • Two-component Dispensing Equipment
  • Assembly System / Original Products
  • Environment-responsive Products and Systems
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