Product list

Flow Control System Devices

Flow Control System is a device that achieves a stable supply of unified quality through the numerical control of fluid. The system can be applied to mid and high viscosity materials that are difficult to control. Systems include combinations of flow meters and operation regulators to create a closed loop type system for flow control, and a system employing servo motor gear pumps to ensure constant flow of materials.

Product Line-up

Flow Meters + Operation Regulator Systems

Precision Continuation discharge metering system for high viscosity material Precision Flow XL Key Pad
Precision Flow XL Control Unit Auto Plus Valve 1K Ultra-light Valve
EnDure Valve

Gear Pump System

25.6cc/rev Gear Pump Installation AC Servo-driven High Pressure Gear Pump Unit

Equipments for Compact Booster Pump (40cc~1000cc) Systems

Booster Pump 30cc Wrist Mount-type Guchirada 30

Equipment for Large Booster Pump (1000cc~) Systems

3200cc Large Booster Pump for spray type vibration reduction material

Main Products

  • Paint Equipment
  • Equipment for high viscosity fluids
  • Flow Control System Devices
  • Metering Devices
  • Temperature Control Equipment
  • Two-component Dispensing Equipment
  • Assembly System / Original Products
  • Environment-responsive Products and Systems
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