Product list

Metering Devices

IEC delivers process equipments for fluid supply throughout the chemical and food industries. We supply Husky series from GRACO, a company that has achieved remarkable success with their highly reliable piston and air-operated double diaphragm pumps. We also offer proposals for the measured supply of oil and grease for fueling and facility industry equipments.

Product Line-up

Process Equipments

Husky Diaphragm Pump Cycle Controller High pressure Diaphragm Pump Triton 3D 350
High Pressure Bellows Pump and Glutton Pump

Feeder / Equipments for Maintenance Iindustry

Preset Oil Gun Electronic Light-weight Grease Gun

Main Products

  • Paint Equipment
  • Equipment for high viscosity fluids
  • Flow Control System Devices
  • Metering Devices
  • Temperature Control Equipment
  • Two-component Dispensing Equipment
  • Assembly System / Original Products
  • Environment-responsive Products and Systems
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