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Assembly System / Original Products

IEC has a diverse line of original products to meet the needs of our clients. These products include the IEC Solvair that reduces the use of washing liquid thinner, a Constant Flow Indicator that cuts down initial power and pulsation of air pumps, automatic oil measuring and injection devices, and an automatic bolt torque device. We also offer total solutions for large plants by designing systems that employ our paint booths, drying oven, and exhaust ducts.

Side/Edge Seal Hotmelt Dispenser PGM
Adhesive spray system used by high precision gear metering system for solar panel
This system is modified for the process of manufacturing solar panel by PGM Metering System combined with automatic swivel nozzle. This system can control the thickness, wideness of spray and the position of spray accurately.
Constant Flow Dispense SystemCompact AC Servo Booster Pump
Compact Electric Servo Booster Pump
(Robot arm attachable)
IEC developed Compact type AC Servo Booster pump for stable quantitative application without pulsation for sealer bead application.
This compact AC Servo booster pump enable to achieve stable quality and high production efficiency in the sealer or adhesive application for various production line.
Rotary gun with 3Way nozzle to improve application efficiency
TRIAS is gun for high viscosity application to various production line including automobile undercoat. Rotary shaft enables to rotate only gun head. Mechanism is recessing housing where material go through. therefore, gun head is able to rotate only itself. Nozzle head is designed to enable spray 3way. Angle can be freely design.
Only for High Viscosity MaterialRotary Joint
Rotary joint enable to rotate application gun itself.
Improving efficiency of high viscosity application.
By a single rotation of application gun prevent hose twisting and winding, which improves operation efficiency. therefore, robot is not limited by material hoses movement. It is able to install existing gun, therefore, it allows to improve efficiency by less cost.
Circulating Temprerature Control Units
Cooler, heater, pump, and control panel are installed in one compact unit.
High Pressure Heat Exchangers
Countercurrent shell and tube heat exchanger for material that is supplied at high pressure.
Heat retention Hose Covers
Heat retention hose cover to block off external temperature and maintain material at a fixed temperature.

Product Line-up

Solvair Constant Flow Indicator Flex Picker
6-axis Robot Adhesive Coater 3-axis Robot Automatic Coating Facility Fluid Vacuum Filler
Metering Supply System for Oil Automatic Oil Filler Automatic Bolt Torque Device
Fuel Proportioner Oil Suction Equipment

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  • Assembly System / Original Products
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