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Side/Edge Seal Hotmelt Dispenser PGM

Adhesive Spray System used by High Precision Gear Metering System for Solar Panel

This system is modified for the process of manufacturing solar panel by PGM Metering System combined with automatic swivel nozzle.
This system can control the thickness, wideness of spray and the position of spray accurately.


We modified the system of the U.S. company “GRACO”.

This system can control hot melt adhesive for spray by gear pump at high precision.
It is placed rotating devise on the tip of nozzle by servo motor so it is not twist material hose.

Merit of Introduction

The running cost can be reduced by reducing the material cost

It can be improved the quality by controlling spray at high precision.
There is no worry to twist the hose so it can make cycle time shorter,can make robot teaching simpler.

Example of Installation

Example of Installation
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