Chiyoda Sangyo is an affiliate that supports IEC fluid systems with its air pressure equipments, high viscosity material handling equipments and sensors. We are able to select the most suitable application for client needs. The company also offers auxiliary facilities such as tanks, pipes and other products for the circulating supply systems.

Flow meters

Offering different types of measuring devices, including volumetric, Coriolis and helical flow meters

Volumetric Flow Meter
Measuring devices

Diverse types of meters that measure coating and fluid pressure for use in combination with sensors

Digital Panel Meter

Volumetric Flow Meter

Digital Panel Meter

Hot-melt Handling Equipment

Diverse line of hot-melt supply equipments such as curtain spray heads

Curtain Spray Head
Circulating Supply Systems Equipments

An example of circulating equipments: This is a tank with a fluid surface sensor that monitors fluid surface with automatic supply functions

Tank with a Fluid Surface Sensor

Curtain Spray Head

Tank with a Fluid Surface Sensor

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