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Management Philosophy

Inventive Spirit

Not dependant on the past or bound by common practice, we offer products and services
that respond to the ever-changing market and the increasingly international society we live in.
We produce ideas and values that are different from the conventional ways of thinking. Contributing to the development of the industrial world to provide affluence to people is
the very reason of our existence.

Meaning behind “IEC” Invention Evolution Creativity

Invention – Evolution – Creativity

The name “IEC” expresses our wish to be a company that always strives to evolve inventive ideas and to accumulate achievements.

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IEC Co.,Ltd.
2-160 Hongo, Meito-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 465-0024 Japan
TEL +81 (0)52-774-1011 FAX +81 (0)52-774-0114